Month: September 2014

Treatment for Alcoholism & Alcohol Abuse • Sober Nation

While many health experts agree that consuming a small amount of alcohol is beneficial for our health, there are a lot of things that can happen by drinking too much for too long. An addiction to alcohol is called Alcoholism, and while some people don’t see it as an addiction, treatment for alcohol abuse is becoming more and more common place as more and more people are coming out and admitting that they are addicted to alcohol. Many times an

The health risks far outweigh the benefits for someone that has alcoholism or struggles with alcohol abuse. One such risk involves the cardiac system of the human body. When an individual drinks in excess, the alcohol does only one thing, it speeds up the heart and blood flow. It’s one of the many reasons why those who are drunk appear flushed to those who are sober. The extra blood flow also gives the feeling that the individual is extremely warm, which can create issues of hypothermia in cold climate conditions.



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