Day: October 3, 2014

Beware the Legal Status of a Criminal Confession in AA | The Fix

But working the steps dredged up old memories and by the time he reached his fourth and fifth, the nightmares began. He was shocked at visions too heinous to consider. And he pushed them aside for a time, but the haunting dreams continued until, in a tearful confession, he spilled it all to his girlfriend, also in AA. What followed was a series of confessions, first to his AA sponsor who asked, according to court documents, “What’s the matter? How bad could it be, you didn’t murder anyone did you?”

The thing is, Cox was pretty certain he had because his nightly apparitions revealed pieces of an alcohol-induced black-out from a much earlier time. As Cox shadowed his own deeds he became more certain, watching frequent re-runs of his crime: The brutal stabbing of a sleeping man and woman in his childhood home.



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