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Sick and Tired of the Drinker’s Lies and Broken Promises – BreakingTheCycles.com

If you love someone who drinks too much – whether it’s binge drinking on the week-ends or drinking several drinks a night or you might even think of them as an alcoholic, but your not for sure, sure – then you’ve likely been told by your loved one things like:

I am soooooo sorry. You know how much I love you. I promise – promise – that won’t happen, again.I didn’t lie. You asked if I’d gone out with Bob, not John. If you’d asked about John, I would have told you.I know, I know… but it was Susan’s birthday lunch, and we were all very aware of having to be out of there in time to pick up our kids. And I was being very careful, too, so I have no idea how I could have gotten a DUI – you know I’d never endanger our children!

The complexity of their omissions, half truths and nuanced rationalizations and the slicing and dicing and mincing of words is phenomenal when you think about it. Top that with our determination to get them to admit their lie or broken promise or to agree with our right to be ticked off, and we find ourselves living in a nightmare.

1.  Understand what “normal” drinking looks like. This will help you know when to avoid confrontation because you’re loved one’s brain is not functioning normally. Check out this post,

2. Don’t get caught up in the label, i.e., whether or not their an alcoholic. Stick solely to the fact, “Your drinking behavior(s) are unacceptable.” [Drinking behaviors include: verbal, physical, emotional abuse; neglect; physical violence; DUI; insisting on an insane, circular argument; falling asleep every night on the couch after drinking before, during and after dinner.] Remind yourself, if your loved one had consumed 4 glasses of water, would you even be having a conversation about their behavior – their lie or broken promise, for example? Of course not. That’s because water does not change brain function the way the ethyl alcohol chemical in alcoholic beverages does. Check out this post,


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Blackouts – Are They Real or Just an Excuse? – BreakingTheCycles.com

How many times have you found yourself uttering incredulous gasps, “What do you mean you don’t remember?” or engaging in an argument with someone you care about because of something they said or did while they were drunk? Have you ever had them just stare at you, stone faced, as if to challenge your recollection and/or flip it around to somehow being “your fault,” something you’d simply dreamed up or were blowing all out of proportion?

Surprisingly, perhaps, your loved one might incapable of remembering their behaviors while intoxicated – even if they were fully “there,” (meaning not passed out but still standing, talking, doing ‘stuff’). This is because they’ve likely experienced an alcohol-induced blackout.